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Cow Monitoring Solution

Silent Herdsman

  • Smart neck collar for top-grade heat detection
  • Best round-the-clock health monitoring (compared with other standalone sensors)
  • Measures rumination, eating and activity
  • Easy mounting on the neck
  • Easy-to-use management station
  • Free stalls and grazing

AfiAct II

  • Smart leg tag for top grade heat detection, significantly improves pregnancy rates and fertility performance
  • Best round-the-clock health monitoring, based on rest behavior and activity
  • High sensitivity and less false alerts
  • Calving alert service
  • Accurate ID in the parlor
  • Powerful management software
  • Free stalls, grazing and tie stall

Silent Herdsman

Best neck collar for cows & heifers

AfiAct II

Best leg tag for cows

Heat Detection

Improved pregnancy rates.
Timely detection leads to better pregnancy rates, shortens calving intervals and directly improves profitability.

Health Alerts

Prevention is the best medicine.
Monitoring of rumination, eating behavior, activity and rest behavior leads to early detection and better treatment.

Proven Accuracy

You cannot make good decisions with bad data.
Afimilk cow monitoring sensors have been successfully used on millions of animals over 30 years, and have earned a reputation of being the most accurate in the industry.




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